There are so many people running cons and game in the world and we have to be careful.

Integrity is living something. Not pretending something.

It amazes me how people post pictures of prosperous living and they have to rob Peter to pay Paul.

There are actually people that encourage others on social media to BALL OUT and the only thing they have in their name that is paid for are social media accounts, my bad….those are free.

Fathers continually fail their children yet you will find them on Twitter chastising Kanye West and their sons are sitting in jail cells if they even know who the hell they are. Literally and figuratively.

Mind you, however we feel about Kanye, he is a father to his children and has not cheated on Kim. No babies, affairs, or girl friends he is parading around and he has garnered massive wealth from his talent.

People with no talent always got something to say. Always…

Women are also selling their brand of delusion doting over their “man” when he has left them, cheated on them, left them again only to beg back because the expense of living on his own is to great to bear and she was dumb enough to be honored by the take back. The reality of the fact is that he has been everybody’s man.

I hope these clean up women have gotten herpes tested. I learned during my recent exam that a herpes test is NOT a part of the regular STD screening. How many people actually know that?

While foolish women are okay with men being all over the damn place, they are putting themselves at major risk, yet they want you to believe “they happy”.




Social Media phoneys would have us to believe that the house they rent is paid for, the cars that beep when the car note is past due is only beeping because the engine light is on and the trips they are taking, the cash didn’t come from “bill” money.

And when you call them on their bullshit they want to scream ” you are being negative”.

“No, heifer, I am being real and honest. Something you know nothing about”.

Good Grief.

The foolishness that is being portrayed on the world wide web is absolutely ridiculous. My mind and spirit needs a douche.

I do not know about you but I simply cannot take anymore. I am committed to doing the work and will continue to publish amazing content on this platform with my support writers.

As for the Twitter, Facebook and the rest of it, ya’ll can have it.

I got places to be and better things to do.

There are amazing people who need me…in the flesh. My boys need me. My girls need me. My partner needs me. My clients need me. I have people to love and people to impress….and they are the people I can put my arms around.

The time I have given to strangers is being redirected to those who matter most.

All About Auspicious Living

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