Handcuffed Prisoner

I had to have a hard conversation with my children about crime, inappropriate behavior and authority.
Authority is defined as the power or right to give orders, make decisions, and enforce obedience.

There are people who are so misguided that authority is a curse word to them. Usually these people had very disrespectful relationships with their parents, elders in their family and school administrators. They came out the womb as know it all’s.

At 5, they believed they were better suited than their parents and was trying to tell them what to do.

Disrespect is a NO NO in my home. The very appearance of it will cause a very swift and aggressive response from me. I DO NOT TOLERATE DISRESPECTFUL KIDS. Period.

We can talk, share, talk and share some more but what we won’t do is drink beer and wine together like we are on the same level because when I say something to a child that belongs to me they have to always know and always know and always know, I AM THE PARENT and they ain’t to EVER confuse me with a friend because when I tell them to do something, it is to be done.

At 2 or 202.

P. E.R.I.O.D.

If they want to have a discussion I care to entertain, it will be AFTER they have done what they have been asked.

I am the daughter of a mother from Mississippi and grandparents who did not hesitate to send your little narrow behind to the field to get a switch and you better pick a good one or else you were going to go back and get another one and they were going to tie the first one to the right one and wear your ass out.

People with their own issues, often who never got a spanking call that child abuse. Go sit down somewhere. If you do not believe in spanking, don’t spank your kids but you will not tell me not to spank mine. I was spanked and I appreciate every spanking.

They kept me from failing. They kept me from being a teenage mother. They kept me from being arrested. They kept me from jail and will keep me out of hell.


Not unless you want to pick my kids up without suitcases and cliff notes, you will not tell me how to parent them. Not today. Not tomorrow. Not ever.

And for all those “we are going to call DFAC on you folk”, call them. It won’t be the first time.

Kids are out of control because their parents are out of control. These are the ” we did not get spankings and turned out all right” people. Who wants to turn out alright?

When did ALRIGHT become the parenting standard?

Lord, help us.

Our prisons are full with kids who do not know how to respond to authority. They do not know how to properly address authority and when dealing with law enforcement this is a disaster waiting to happen. We can pretend and prepare them for LA LA LAND, or we can prepare them for the America we live in.

On any given day, nearly 60,000 youth under age 18 are incarcerated in juvenile jails and prisons in the United States (

If a grown person in authority asks a child a reasonable question, the child is to answer the question.

We have students jumping on teachers, hitting them, cursing at them and doing exactly what they do at home, act a fool and when they end up in handcuffs the do not spank people, want to cry foul play.

If we discipline children at home and put the fear of God in them (yes, I said fear of GOD), the streets and school system won’t have to. When my son crossed the line with me and I put a broom in his face to put his 6’2” and 265 lbs self in place, a witness said OMG…that is horrible.

I stand 5’3” inches tall all day long and my son has to know I will tear up hell to keep him in line. Why?

And I have on 5 INCH HEELS!

Because I love him.

This OMG witness son has gotten until all kind of trouble but he is proud to say he has never spanked him. Well, I wonder how great it feels bailing him out of jail and attending court hearings and giving cups to piss in.

My son is a 8 instrument playing, music producing scholar with impeccable manners and a healthy fear of me and authority.

Now, I am not saying that all discipline has to be corporal punishment but I believe corporal punishment has its place. I believe parents have to do what it takes to keep children from becoming inmates and that can get rough at time.

Remember this Mom?

The woman who slapped her son into reality when she found out he had skipped school and was at a damn riot. She toughened him up in love and he is alive to thank her. My son laughs hysterically at this video because he knows that would have been me. He said the difference was he was running and putting his hand up to her. He said, he should have just took the MOM BEAT DOWN, walking away made it worse. I cannot protect my son from everything but what I can, I do and I will.

The day he raises his hand to me will be the day he loses it.

This kid is now doing well. MOM was not charged. Because everyone who has an iota of common damn sense knows, on this day, this mother saved her sons life.

I promise you the boys in blue would not have been as loving.

Arrest later that evening from the SAME RIOT!

Nobody gives a damn about him being embarrassed in front of his peers. He embarrassed her by not having his behind where he was supposed to be, doing what he was supposed to do…in class…getting an education.

We did not see him in a ski mask at anymore riots did we?

Ummm. Hmmm.

Our prisons are full of young people who made bad decisions. Who decided to defy the rules of law because they had a better way. Our prisons are full of young people whose parents took their eyes off them and allowed them to stay in rooms with doors closed for hours and unchecked devices. Our kids must learn how to FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS and OBEY AUTHORITY and FOLLOW THE LAW.

Everything has instructions. Recipes. Product assembly. Life management. Bill paying. School participation. Work duties. Career responsibilities. Societal laws. Relationship management.

I can not think of anything or any institution that does not have rules, regulations or authority tied to it. NOT A THING. Those who chose to defy reasonable and moral norms, like in chaos.

Having a healthy respect for authority is important. Coloring within the lines is important. There is a time to color all over the page and there is a time not to. There is a time for civil disobedience, sure there is but our young people must know the difference.

It is our responsibility to teach them the difference. By any means necessary. A time out, a redirection, a belt or a broom. Whatever it takes.

In love.

Oh, know that I am no longer a fan of switches. 🙂 But I am known to throw a shoe!

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