David Vincent Harris is my ex partner. He also happens to the the father of my youngest child. When we re-kindled our love affair in November of 2016, it was unexpected. It was the catalyst for his divorce. One that he said needed to happen and should have happened in 2007, when our love affair began the first time and our daughter was born, a year later.

Nevertheless, we jumped into spring only this time planning to build a life together. My version of that and his version of that, did not equate. I began to love him once again and work on the disaster that had become his skin and his life. The radiant glow he had was the result of a skin care cream I created in my kitchen sink to address an issue that even his doctor could not remedy.

Simultaneously, I created a platform for him to write. Something he asked me to do so he would not go “crazy”. And in less than 30 days, it was up and running and less than 3 months thriving.


He states that our relationship and partnership failed because I was not getting what I wanted. Our relationship failed because he is a liar and he is the one who acts a clown when he does not get what he wants.

Our relationship failed because David believed he could make decisions that affected me without me.

He has publicly stated that I burned down our business without just cause, which is a lie. One his minions perpetuate. I shut it down because he violated our partnership agreement and our terms….and it was mine to do with what I desired.

That is the case when you own something. You do with it what you want to do with it.

His brand of disrespect was accepted by his previous women and had become one that he adapted as the norm. I am not the chic that will accept anything a man says and does. No matter how financially advantageous it may be for me to do so.

Our personal relationship did not sustain the injuries of his action and my reaction. It was not supposed to.

Better was coming.

What I learned is that you cannot go back and relive the past. What we had in 2007 was not what was in 2017.  As I say all the time, there is a season for everything and there are things we have to do when we have to do it.

A pregnant woman has to give birth during an appointed time. If she fails to, she will either abort or deliver a still borne child.

All things have an appointed time and when we miss it, we miss it.

In order to be true to true, anytime I see or hear a misrepresentation as it relates to this situation I am going to address it.

It is a shame that DVH Esquire could not find a way to conduct himself in a fashion that would allow him to maintain contact with our daughter. While he is running around the web chastening men on what they need to do and how they need to do it, maybe in his after life, he will come back and father a 4th child. His opportunity to be one with ours has expired.

Nevertheless, that is his ax to grind and the hole in his soul I am sure he has closed with delusion. As for the D. L. P., I have moved the hell on. ALM is successful as is the case with my other businesses and ventures.

Love is everything and everything and everything.

My daughter has decided she has everything and everyone she needs and has no interest in her sperm donor.  “We really didn’t do anything Mommy. He took me to the movies and to eat and to get my nails polished. No big loss, Mom. Really”.


In retrospect, he has nothing to teach her. No value to add to her life and sometimes that is the case. All men are not created equal. Sometimes we get so hung up on “biologicals” we do not see the blessing in absence.  If we are really honest with ourselves and stop being so emotional, there are people our children should not be around and there are places they should not be.

We have to know that and be at peace with that.

One of the biggest blessings in this is that there is not any confusion in my children’s lives. We have one set of parents. One set of instructions. One direction. One parenting plan. One vision that is being executed flawlessly.

Some people are able to separate and go their separate ways and successfully communicate in a way that they can co-parent. Others, cannot or do not.

Don’t trip about it. When kids are getting what they need, they are getting what they need. Who it comes from is really not as important as the need being met.

Just ask anyone who was adopted into a loving home.

Too many people spend too much time worried about the lemonade that spilled on the floor as opposed to the unlimited opportunities to make new batches of sweet lemonade.

Go forth in freedom.

Go forth in truth.

Go forth in happiness and peace. But do not forget you may have to shoot down a lie or two. Just stay armed and ready.


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