Close-up of young daughter looking into dad's eyes.

When we are blending lives and men and women who are not biological parents take on the responsibility of developing children and being an integral part of their lives, we sometimes ask “what are the kids going to call me/you?”.

I have never been a fan of the title of step mom or step dad and sometimes Mom or Dad feels weird to the kid if they have a relationship with their absent or not in the home biological parent and this can be quite a thing if we allow it to be.

I think children should lead this. I recently saw an adoring little girl ask her Mom’s partner if he would be her Dad? The two are not married but they have made a commitment to love, support, honor and cherish each other.

They are in it to win it and the kids know it.

Both have minor children and it is truly a love fest so when this little girl asked this man if he would be her dad it was special because she had chosen him and he gleefully obliged.

Kids know what they need to know when they know it and this is a case of just letting be…be.

Parenting Perspective
Auspicious Living Magazine

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