Taraji P. Henson’s Younger BOO: NFL star Kelvin Hayden


Henson, 47 and Hayden, 34 were first spotted together in 2015 but the actress officially confirmed their romance last December and was engaged on Mother’ Day. According to reports, just two days later Taraji is already consumed with planning a wedding.

Congratulations on her happiness. Love is a beautiful thing.  Personally for me, the marriage part is a pass, pass, pass, pass because it is not essential for blissful living but for those who crave it, they should have it.

Covenant, Soul Connections are so important. When you unite with your equitable partner, everything opens up…

Taraji is proof that age is nothing but a number. Kelvin, 13 years her junior is holding it down and now will be holding her down. Lesson of the hour, love comes when it comes in the package it comes in. When it knocks at the door of your heart, open and open wide.

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