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Familiarity is defined  as the quality of being well known; recognizably based on long or close association.

Familiarity has its place but is hardly ever productive when it comes to growth.

In fact, familiarity hinders creativity and growth. Long associations often are the result of compatible comfort.

A review of these associations more often than not,  reveal stale stability but hardly the result of extraordinary living, extraordinary experiences and extraordinary moments.

Becoming who we are full throttle requires that we connect with people that are seeing us often for the first time.  People who have not limited us by their previous experiences with us but who are encouraged by the possibilities they see in us.

I am reminded of the explosive growth one of my nieces tapped into when she ended her 5 year relationship with her live in boyfriend.  He was a good guy but he was in the way of her great guy.

Once she aligned herself with her purpose, passion and presence she was able to see that the comforts their relationship afforded was preventing her from walking in authentic freedom and unlimited possibilities and it was not too long after she moved out and into HER own place, that Mr. Wonderful came knocking.

Encouraging her to go and be and do all the things she had to compromise with the “good” guy.  Who is good for us is never who is great for us. In fact, when we settle for good, we miscarry and abort greatness.

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