I am stealing a few moments away…

We are traveling and have been celebrating the beauty of the weekend non-stop since I checked the kids out of school early yesterday for this trip.

I am a giver.

I give until I am empty , only to give some more after I have been replenished.

Even we I am being served, it is hard for me to just sit back and receive.

When I announced, I will be back in a few I got the “What is wrong? Why are you leaving us? Wait, we want to come with you? looks and responses.

I smiled and responded, “No. You all stay. I will be back soon”.

I am really missing my mother right now. This is my second Mother’s Day without her.

As I reflect on my childhood and my relationship with her as an adult woman, I can only smile. I got on her nerves and she got on mine, but I knew she was always there for me. I miss hearing her voice and being able to pick up the phone and talk.

She watched me do things she had only dreamed about and although she did not always  understand my choices (or me for that matter), my mother was someone I could always depend on.

She taught me tenacity, strenght and resolve. She showed me grit, grace and graciousness and how important it is to steal a few moments away…for self.

I did not realize as a child, that our garden was her safe haven. As a little girl, it just looked like a lot of work in the hot sun but when I started gardening a few years ago, I discovered this secret. The bountiful, beautiful blessing of from seed to harvest.

I wonder what my life is teaching my children. I wonder what they learn as they stare into my eyes, feel my heart pressing against their chest or my lips on their foreheads and cheeks. I wonder if how I am living and what I am living will comfort them in 50, 60, 70 years. What will be the stories they tell my grandchildren about me?

I look forward to the continual evolution and journey. I celebrate each accomplishment and milestone with them. Oh, how I love them so…

Motherhood means everything to me. I would only be 2/3 of my woman without them. Evan and Hannah saved me in so many ways and they are still saving me. They are remarkable beings who God chose me to be responsible for.


I hear Hannah now in the lobby asking “Have you seen my Mommy?

I am in the business center typing away.

Let me get back to my family before I end up on the back off the milk carton.

Another Motherhood lesson, steal some time away but always go back when you are called and needed.


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