Five reasons to choose a career in teaching or youth work

Everyone remembers a great teacher – perhaps one that inspired them to achieve, or showed them the  joy of a particular subject, or made lessons fun. It’s probably no surprise then that a recent survey of more than 800 teachers found these top five reasons why teaching is a great career:

1. It’s an opportunity to work with young people and make a difference in their lives. Many LSE students report that they are keen to make an impact in a meaningful way, and there can’t many jobs where the tangible results of your efforts are so immediate and so rewarding.

2. The job is varied, with different experiences every day.

3. Teaching is fun, and there are plenty of opportunities to be creative in conveying information to young people.

4. There’s the chance to inspire students in the way you were inspired. Many teachers in the survey said that it was one of their teachers that had inspired them to enter the profession.

5. You can share your passion for your subject. Do you love the subject you’re studying? Teaching could be a great way to pass on your knowledge and passion.

Many of these elements are also present in a career in youth work. Both teaching and youth work help young people find out about themselves and learn to engage positively with their environment and peers. Both sectors require a commitment to young people’s development and a creative approach to facilitate learning and personal development.


-Auspicious Living Magazine

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