Sacred is usually defined within a religious or spiritual context but it also means: highly valued and important.

Over the last few weeks I have defined and refined what is sacred to me and my family. Our time together is of most importance and eminence.

Shutting out the world has become really important as I move to protect our sacred space more fiercely. Who we are, what we do, when we do it, is not something I am willing to share as openly as I have before.

I know I am going against the currents. The currents that say everything in our lives must be broadcast on IG and delivered in social media news.

Being an effective writer requires that I am transparent and vulnerable but that is being limited specifically to articles I write and stories I share. I am getting ready to get real raw in a minute (but I am in step with my new position…only in my writing/speaking platform).

I had this epiphany not to long ago as I was looking at my naked body. It has changed over the last 8 or 9 months.  I have been a juicy girl for the last 10 years or so, but my body is so much fuller than it was a year ago. Heavier in a way. Full.  Really full is the best way to describe it.

So I am standing there asking my body “what are you doing, what is going on with you? Puberty is over”.

Then I realize that what is going on with the outside of my body is what is going on inside of my body.

I was transforming, becoming a fuller more expressed self.  My woman was changing right before my eyes…literally.

My ex lover, ex-almost fiance, ex-babies daddy, had quite a collection of pictures of me nude. During our time apart, I sent pictures at his request. Lots, and lots of pictures.


He sent some to so DON”T JUDGE ME. LOL.


So, Truth says to me.

That time expired. That body no longer exists. He had pictures of you. This lady, this body, this you he does not know anything about. You can go forward in liberation. Define what that means for you and be.


I love all of my experiences. I really do.

So, when I stand before myself naked it really is a new naked.

When I stand before my covenant life partner, naked; it really is a new naked.

As for the sexy, hot, pictures moving forward…

Just get in the bed with me, the shower, the kitchen, the where ever.

I am better in person.

Much better.

And I ain’t kissing and telling.  I promise!

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