Word Press has a beautiful community of bloggers who support and admonish one another as we press on to do what we must do…WRITE! I love that we read, share, comment, re-blog and re-post. Iron sharpens iron and we need each other to sharpen our skills and writing chops.

However; along our way we have acquired stalkers. These folk are connected to our lives by way of envy, jealousy, break up or pure obsession with who we are and what we do. They check our feeds, our social media and make daily visits to our blog because they feed on the people we are and the work they do. I call it “mini me leech envy”.

We do it,they think they can do it. Everything you are, they try to be.

Bless their hearts.

They are not driven by desire and authentic passion. They are driven by a unfulfilling nag in the pit of their being that reminds them every single day of their personal inadequacies. Instead of being true to who they are and what they are to do, they are copy and paste versions of who they are emulating.

My mini me’s,  are here today, doing what they do and I just want to say hello formally and wish them HAPPY READING!

stalker reminder

I want to also thank my fellow bloggers and readers who legitimately and sincerely hang out with me and my team here. Reading, sharing, growing and knowing. Our last two months were record months for us. Garnering over 13,000 views and shares.

We are still building and to some of my blogging friends we are still blog virgins, but our growth shows us that people are connected to us. We write to share, but if no one was reading then we would be wasting very precious time.

However;  thousands of you have joined our Reading PARTY and that is encouragement for my soul.

Writing will be light over the summer as I travel with my family and I am looking forward to our 30 days on the Road journey in July….so it is my prayer that the ALM team holds it down.  I will be sure to share my nuggets and great finds and deals on the road.

Happy Summer,

Happy Reading,

Happy Writing,

Happy Living,

All About Auspicious Living


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