I was completely unaware of the effect completing my degree would have on my children. When I graduated high school the spring of 1990, I went off to college like most of my class mates. I attended a very small magnet high school with a graduating class of 58.

We were close and ready to tackle the world as we went off to our respective college campuses. A couple of years later, I landed a position as a leasing agent and I was a instant rock star! Making more money than my peers and traveling the country on weekends, basically living out of the airport.

I collect post cards from cities and countries I visit and I have quite a stash.

I ditched my collegiate studies and its debt and threw myself into my career. The Housing/Property Management industry is one of the few industries that is self contained offering its own certifications and designations. One can easily make a solid $55,000 a year income after a few years of proving self. Six figure salaries are quite the norm for those who want to work for it, and I mean work hard for it.

After being recruited to two states and running myself racket and being enthralled with being a mommy (a decision I made at 30 and again at 36), I decided I was going to complete my degree and go on to pursue my masters program.

When I walked the stage in April with a 3.81 GPA my kids were walking with me. Being a professional student is not easy. Especially, a single one who runs a household,  is self employed and managing two extraordinary beings who are rock stars in their own right.

I recently took on two additional ventures and my children are right here, cheering me on and supporting me as I support them. My son has a picture of me in my cap and gown on his IG page and he is so proud.  I have seen a major adjustment in his attitude towards his studies as he toils over his scholarship letters wondering out loud, which school he should attend. He is even considering studying abroad and I am very excited about that!

My daughter has made my cap and gown apart of her fashion show wardrobe as she proudly reminds us that she is going to be a veterinarian and own dance studios. The dancing doctor….it has a very nice ring to it.

She doesn’t want children and she doesn’t want to be married….at least not at 10. She only entertains being a mommy as she reflects on our relationship. She says all the time the only reason she would want to be a Mom is so she could love a child the way I love her. That right there, is the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me.

Balancing all that I do has been enormously difficult at times, challenging at others and sometimes exhausting…but worth it. My children are the most important thing to me. Both representing the right and left side of my heart, each with their own unique beat.

As I approach my 46th birthday in a few weeks, I do so with gratitude in my heart and a awareness that everything I do and will do impacts my babies. They will always be my babies even when they are good and grown.

As we prepare for our summer of travel, I do so with an immense sense of pride because we have carved out a life that allows us to do most of what we want to do when we want to do it. We are driving, flying, training, busing and chucking.  Entitled they are, and entitled they are not (will explain this one later).

The decisions I made in my past is impacting my now. The decisions I make today will affect my tomorrow.  I continue to pray that God gives me the vision and clarity I need to see what I need to see and know what I need to know.

And as Spirit guides I am guided and I trust Divine Wisdom.

Each and Every time.

Auspicious Living Magazine

Side bar. I am really short. I have on 5 inch heels and my son is still 
towering over me. Good grief!

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