Make a Decision

What will you do if I lose my job today?
Will you find another place to stay or fall flat on your ass with grief and sorrow… Having no hope for tomorrow?

You would lose your damn mind that’s what I think!
Because even though you think the sun rises and sets on your black ass…you would die if it didn’t rise.

What will you do if the funds are gone from my bank account next time I check?
Will you slit your own neck or get an attitude check?

You need to stand back and see all that I do for you;  you need to do for me.

So, guess what I did today?

I quit my job, withdrew my funds from my bank account and I’m leaving town.  Since you can’t figure out what to do with me here tryna help you…you have no choice but to figure it out. But you need to make it quick ‘cause your children are leaning and depending on you.

Now, what are YOU  gonna do???

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