dollar tree meets lazy.jpg

This is me chilling on the beach last year.  My deep chocolate richness is drinking in the rays but this dollar store hat that was bought the day before and the dress I took on the trip to lounge in the hotel room in… reminds me things just have a way of coming together.

I was talking about how cheap it looked as it was being rung up and was convinced it would be a “play” hat for my daughter but on that morning I did not feel like fussing with my hair and I put it on along with the dress that I took on the trip to lounge in.

The hat was $1, the sunglasses were a $1 and the dress was $7. The view of the ocean, the sounds of the waves and what this trip revealed was priceless.

My $10 outfit looked amazing on me because the price tag doesn’t make me. Never have, never will.  I got so many compliments in this, it reminded me that value is always an inner thing, never an outer one.


Auspicious Living Magazine



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