I know my worth and value. What I bring to any table has earned my place as the only woman and I do mean the only woman sitting at it.

When you know who you are, you will not allow anyone to define you.

When you know whose you are, you wont allow anyone to own you.

When you create, you ensure you retain the masters and when you are violated, you begin to walk away.

When you know in the bone of your bone something is not good for you or someone is not good for you, honor that. Don’t be afraid to walk away from what you need to walk from because I am telling you what you perceive as a loss, pales in comparison to what you gain.

Have some terms. Stand by your terms and watch life reward your personal resolve.

Whatever was…will be replaced with a better IS and you would not have had to sell your soul to get it or keep it.

Any man who loves you won’t ever, and I mean ever bring another woman into your space. Neither, would he disrespect your union by allowing anyone to entrench into your space.

If your dealing with this brand of clown, send him back to his circus because he is in the way. Blocking your light and breaking your flow.

Who is for you is making his way to you so make sure his path is clear because real men don’t rotate women and they don’t do the circus.

Higher living, baby. Higher living.


Girl Talk

Auspicious Living Magazine

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