Women of old talk about the importance of closing one door before we go through another one. Normally, it is something we apply to relationships, but it applies to all things.

A woman or man of honor and integrity will require that we have properly exited a relationship before entertaining one with us.

A company of excellence will want to know if we gave proper notice to our previous employers before resignation and if we are still employed, they want to know how we plan to part ways, why and when.

How we do things is a reflection of who we are and reveals a great deal about us.

Closing the door on what is over and what we are over is essential and necessary to move forward seamlessly, with clean hands.  In order to stop being mess carriers, we have to stop being messy.

When we exit properly, we begin properly and when we begin properly, life honors us by opening doors to places we dreamed were possible with experiences that exceed our expectations.

How we do what we do will determine what it determines.


Girl Talk
Auspicious Living

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