This blog was inspired by a fellow blogger whom I admire, Christian Mihai. He recently wrote a piece on work life balance that really resonated with me.

I have been saying for years (mostly to women), you cannot have everything at the same time. I have attended my share of women’s conferences, workshops and seminars and most of them echo the same sentiment, YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL.

No matter how wonderful the speaker or enlightening her message, I am always in the room shaking my head because that is a damn lie. You cannot have everything and you certainly cannot have everything at the same time.

When I started hosting conferences, I made sure there was truth, balance and authenticity presented. Not this cookie cutter crap everyone is saying. Whenever “everyone” is saying something, that is a hot red flag.

I have lived on this planet 45 years and I know there have been times I wanted something that was not good for me. I wanted something that was competing with something else. As a mother of two beautiful children, I wanted to be the central influence in their lives and I could not do that working 12 hours a day as property management executive.

I had to make some choices which were not always easy or comfortable but worth every sacrifice.

We cannot have it all. We have to decide what matters most as penned by Franklin Covey and make our decisions accordingly. If we fail to be aware of limitations and the limitations of others,  we will lose. Every Single Time.

The question WHAT MATTERS MOST is one we can use to guide us as we have to make decisions about who, what and why and if we really want to get to the get to, we can start asking ourselves WHO MATTERS MOST when we have multiple people pulling on our energy. When we answer these questions honestly, we will find our way has been made clear and a ziggly path has become straight.

We cannot have it all. We cannot do it all. But we CAN have what matters most and do what matters the most with the One that just does it for us the way it needs to be done…every single time.

And that my friend is some good living.

Good living!

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