I have been toiling for some profound message to write in this magazine. The publisher contacted me about my submission and my response to her was ‘I know, I need to stop procrastinating and get it done”. As I hit the submit button in the email, that comment registered in my spirit. I sensed that God wanted me to talk a little about what happens when we procrastinate. How does procrastination work against the
promises of God for our life?
I recall the scripture when Jesus asked the questions about fruit. “You can identify them by their fruit, that is, by the way they act. Can you pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles?” (Matthew 7:16). This scripture says a lot about how procrastination can hinder the growth of gifts that has been inside of us since the day we were born, just waiting for the right opportunity to sprout. If we are supposed to be “like a tree planted by the rivers of water which gives fruit in due season”,(Psalms 1:3)
what does procrastination do to our fruit? Procrastination defined is the act of delaying or avoiding something.

Ouch!! (I stepped on my own toes).
In psychological terms, procrastination could be a fear of being less than perfect for the perfectionist( a rotten fruit on our tree); for the person who has so much to do, prioritizing the importance of the assignment could be overwhelming resulting in procrastination ( a rotten fruit on our tree)
https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/the-unmotivated- teen/201804/procrastination-the- illusion-freedom.

It’s no wonder Jesus cursed the fig tree in Matthew 21:18-22, it was green with potential but had no fruit. We are green with potential but the fruit we posses, because of procrastination, is not desirable by anyone and causes us to miss the opportunity to complete the assignment given to us. I want you to ponder this short message and go to the link above along with the referenced and read both. Then take some time and listen to the music link below to help your thought process and steps to make a change
to produce desirable fruit for God.

Bring to a close making the molehill into a mountain and the mountain into a molehill, just get it done; whatever it is.

Whew! I feel so much better…look the fruit of procrastination and all of its associates just dropped off my tree; continue to use me Lord for your glory.

Listen to the song as you pray and ask God for strength to move forward with confidence in your gifts. It is a process but one step starts the move. We need you!

-Until next time.
Superabundant Blessings,

Auspicious Living Magazine


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