I am a feminist. I support equality for women. Women are free to decide who they want to be and what they want to do. Women are free to decide to stay home and raise their children, work 12 hours a day, not have children, marry or not marry, do whatever it is they want to do. Granted they are the one making their own decisions.

With that being said, I recently was in the company of some feminist women and I found myself once again, championing for our right to be sexy.

Every other woman in the room was of the opinion that the celebration of our sexiness and the flaunt of our curves (ya’ll know I rock the hell out of these curves), was a buy into the objectification of women and selling some dudes kool aid and nothing is further from the truth.

Listen, God created woman with this majesty. For those of you who say we evolved, whatever. The point is, I was created with this majesty. The bend in my back, the island between my thighs, the mountains that are my breasts and the sweetness that drops from my lips and everywhere else is unique to me….unique to women.


I have tremendous power in my physicality and I do not believe I am served well if I hide it under a sheet because men have exploited it. It is the equivalent of saying not to ever drink kool aid because that quack Jim Jones poisoned kool aid. That is ridiculous. A thing is neither good or evil. How it is used and the intention and motivation behind its use makes it what it is.

So, if I decide to lean across the table so the man in front of me gets a good whiff of my sweetness as he is deciding whether to sign my contract or not….so be it. Dana the professional is going to get the job done in excellence. My work ethic and drive separates me from my competition but Dana the lady, is going to make sure I am not forgotten and when he is thinking about doing business with Doug, his ass is going to reconsider as he thinks about Dana.

We are as smart as Doug. Often smarter. We can outwork Doug, hell we have babies. Work doesn’t get any harder than that. We have raised humans, Doug was somewhere golfing. We can run circles around Doug when the playing field is fair every single day and twice on Saturday and three times on Sunday.

But here is the god factor. We can do more than Doug. We can walk into a room and stop it as the light from our skin takes over the space. We can walk into an elevator and leave it smelling like amber. We can shake a mans hand with just enough firmess to let him know, I am your competition and your equal and walk away from him with all the right bounce, as he tries to collect his thought as the bounce in the ass….does what bounce in the ass does.

Leave him dizzy.

We have the ability to bring Doug to his knees and get everything we want in the process. Why go off into battle with only a third of our ammunition? Our brains, our beauty and our booty makes us the closer we were designed to be.

As we engage let us remember not to cross the line and get in bed with folks we are only to do business with and when we are in bed with who we are to be in bed with, give him everything Doug dreams about and more!


Girl Power
Auspicious Living Magazine

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