Peace is defined as freedom from disturbance; quiet and tranquility. In a busy, noisy, rat race of a world, how many of us can honestly say we are at peace and that we live in peace?

Here at Auspicious Living, we are making a concentrated effort to live in the realm of tranquility. We cannot control disturbances (our neighbor is blasting music or our co-worker talks very loudly), but we can control the effect disturbances have on our lives and the way we respond to them.


We are testing the “do not respond AND or  BE NICE” methods. We are simply not going to respond to disturbances in a disturbing way.  Instead, choosing to remain calm and choosing a “nice” response if a response is required.

To maintain calm in the midst of noise, we can hum our favorite song. Chaos breaks out at work, we can take 5 and go to the bathroom and use the stall as our private sanctuary and make a quick petition “Lord, in this moment, grant me peace and eliminate this chaos”.

Shopping and the cashier at check out has a nasty attitude, we can respond to him or her with some hope and encouragement and say, ” I hope your day gets better. Don’t let this job get to you”.

rude clerk

People are a reflection of their issues, concerns and struggles. Usually, what is going on with them has nothing to do with you…so do not let it.

So far, so good today. Let us know how the do not respond and  BE NICE method works for you. It is working for us.



In Love,

Auspicious Living




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