HER First

“HER First”

Before you judge HER

Know her pain

The tears she’s cried from others’ gain

The rivers from her eyes poured like rain

The smile that covers her hidden shame

Before you judge HER

Know her past

The hopes for happiness ripped from her grasp

The wasted time on love that didn’t last

The broken heart behind her mask

Before you judge HER

Know her heart

Ugly life long tore it recklessly apart

Lonely- confused and at times midnight dark

Mending it had no place to start

Before you judge HER

Know her weakness

Compounded by her darkest secrets

Things said- things done left her pride the weakest

Shattered dreams that taunt her make nights so sleepless

Before you judge HER

Know she’s been Mangled

Wounded- Hurt-

Her dreams? ALL strangled

Misunderstood- Broken-

Utterly cast aside

Dismissed- Abused-

Left empty inside

Don’t look on her outside

And assume to know

Her battle scars? Invisible…

They’re NOT for show

See her smile….her swag….her grace….her grit

Her essence….her winning….the room well-lit

With her energy, her purpose, her love, her light

You thought you knew her

But you weren’t right

You never knew how she rose face first from the dirt

Because before you knew HER…

You judged

HER First…….


C. Mack


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