I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be a feminist, or if I could.
Feminist was a dirty word in my community, and the mention of it around
my father was going to cause his brand of hell to break out.
Unbeknown to him, he was actually raising me to be one.
All the women around me appeared to be standing behind men, even
the ones that were not there. Speaking up just enough not to choke on
their words and fighting just enough to keep from being killed.
I wasn’t sure if my God was going to allow me to be one of these “nasty”
women, and if my love for men (oh how I love men) would cause me to be
seen as a traitor!
45 years of living has taught me a few things.
I am very much a feminist. I am very much a “Jesus Girl” and I love men.

The Making of Some Kind of Feminist


-Dana Lena
Auspicious Living Magazine

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