All of our life experiences are designed to do something. The lesson for 
us is to allow the experience to do what it needs to do.  Sometimes we 
know and sometimes we think we know, other times we have no damn clue. 
But the sweet thing about life is that it goes on.

Very wise women and men tell us not to forget the lessons of our past.
We are to remember the lesson and not belittle the experience.

The experience was necessary for the necessary. So as I clean out the 
archives and prepare for my next writing project, I came across this 
beautiful piece. 

As we continue in our journey, there is no need to re-write history or
allow an outcome to poison the sweetness of the lesson. I have been 
guilty of this.

This was a good time in my life and although I am in a better place now,
and it is okay to acknowledge what this was.

Where ever my previous partner is, I wish him well. We did not
dissolve our partnership with the honor its origin deserved when he thought
he would shut me out of something I built with my hands but
hopefully we both have learned what we needed to learn. He should have 
known better.

Bless his heart.

This is my Year of Yes, Year of Amazing, Joy, Peace and Goodness. My 
expectations are being exceeded and my cup is running over. There is 
no room in my cup for anything other than graciousness.


by D.V.H. Esquire

With love, respect and the very best wishes for her continued success in her other ventures, The Progressive Pugilist moves forward without the able pen and illuminating insights of Miss Dana L. Perry

Miss Perry penned a piece for TPP entitled Birth Babies & Dreams that captures the spirit of her contribution to this communications platform. We reposted it this evening for this occasion. She literally birthed it through her diligent efforts and dogged determination. She brought my work to its highest level and introduced it to the world with little more than a few of my draft essays and an unfocused vision that I had shared with her casually over coffee one morning. And less than half a year later our work has been read in more than 60 countries around the world by thousands and thousands of visitors. As she is fond of saying- it started with a pen and a scratch pad. And however great this venture becomes, Miss Perry will forever be a stakeholder and a proud parent. Wherever this goes, it started with her and she will forever be a part of the TPP family- no matter how big it grows. She may pop in for a cameo here and there as inspiration may strike her and we certainly hope that it does.

As she has referenced in some of her work, Miss Perry is an author of children’s books- The Hannah The Great series- and is also a public speaker on issues of women’s empowerment and spirituality. She will be dedicating her time and creative energy to advancing those objectives. The Progressive Pugilist will miss her, but will actively support her and encourage all of our friends to do the same. She has done fantastic work for The Progressive Pugilist and if she believes in another vision and her spirit is moved to act, there is no doubt that she can replicate these efforts time and again. TPP expects even greater things out of her and is excited for the resurgence of her independent creative pursuits.

You can engage Dana on Facebook and Twitter and you can also explore her work on her website Her essays will remain a part of the TPP archives and you can also view them on her website along with any new work she publishes. Please check her out.

Dana, you are loved, appreciated and respected. Your passion, professionalism and vision will take you anywhere you want to go. Here’s to hoping you carry TPP with you. Good luck and Godspeed.

DVH, Esq.

Auspicious Living Magazine

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