Meet two of my plant babies. I received the one in the red pot as a gift about this time last year. It was in the brown small pot and was about as high as the butterfly ornament on the front of it.

This baby is bamboo and is a plant of good fortune and blessing. It is in my bedroom, a place I have created to be peaceful and a place of rest. I water it, touch it, speak to it and it is strategically placed to receive plenty of sunlight.

This baby was growing so I needed to repot it in order for it to continue to grow. I needed to change its condition otherwise it was going to die.

As I prepared to move it, I broke a very tiny piece of one of the leaves.

I was heartbroken.

Really, I was.

It was so small and fragile. It did not have a root on it at all. It was a piece of a leaf!

I could not throw it away so I stuck it in the pot that I was taking the other plant out of.

The critic in the atmosphere said ” That will not grow. It does not have a root. You can’t just stick a piece of leaf in the dirt and it grow”.

I dismissed that thought floating in the atmosphere.

“This little piece needs soil, water, sun and love and it will grow. It will take root”. I said out loud.


And I watched it every day. As I went to the bathroom every morning, I peaked at it. Touching its tiny leaves, encouraging it to grow.

Whispering to it. “Grow baby”.

That was about 3 months ago. And it has grown about 2 inches. It was tiny tiny. I pulled on it slightly and it has rooted. It did not budge.

I am so proud of my little baby. It was connected to life and it was broken because it was not strong enough to endure the move but it was not supposed to.

This little piece was not supposed to be connected to the larger plant. It had its own purpose in its own pot. It has its on space in the room and in the sun. It will continue to grow strong and I am sure in a year or so, I will be replanting it and pulling a new plant baby from it.

And I will have bamboo all over the house and in my yard. Enough to give as gifts to friends.

What was broken will birth abundance with the right care and attention. With the right care and attention the broken can thrive…it will thrive.

Healing hands.

Heal hearts, plants and whatever else. If something is dying, make sure you put it in the right hands. If you want something to grow, make sure you put it in the right hands. Hands are often the determining factor between life and death….often the same hands.


-Dana Lena
Auspicious Living Magazine




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