Social policy and public opinion not only affects funding and who receives human services, but it also affects elections.

Social policy are guidelines, principles, legislation, and activities that affect the living conditions conducive to human welfare. Social policy is that part of public policy that has to do with social issues (Burger, 2014).

Politicians are usually self-serving, even the good ones. In today’s culture, liberal politicians appear to have an agenda that is concerned about the welfare and well being of all people. Conservatives have an agenda that protects their personal interests and platforms…even when it is contrary to their “moral” views.


The 2016 Presidential Election revealed somethings about our politics and our communities that no other election in my lifetime ever has. Donald Trump ran an election on hateful rhetoric that included a purging of our society of people of color with a “Make America Great Again” slogan. The America he and his supporters often referenced was an America before civil rights, voting rights and protections for women and children.


The recipients of human services that appear to be ignored today are the poor. Poor people do not have a place in this current administration. Today’s conservatives painted a picture of the “have nots” as being people of color when in reality every available static show that white people are the largest recipients of social services.

This false narrative however fueled poor white people to vote against their own interest and that caused major cuts to funding. Poor white people voted for this administration in astonishing numbers because they had a candidate that looked like them but is not of them. Poor white Americans voted for Donald Trump refusing to acknowledge that they are poor and when benefits are cut, theirs would be cut as well. According to the American National Election Studies pre and post-election survey, race played the largest role in his election (, n.d.)

I sincerely believe they thought that we were going to return to the days where “BENEFITS FOR WHITE PEOPLE ONLY” signs where going to be in social services offices. People of color are being targeted because there is a sincere desire amongst wealthy white men to remain in control and remain in power. President Barak Obama showed them that a black man can be elected and can govern in excellence and those that oppose freedom and liberty have raised their ugly heads in an all-out effort to oppress their threat.

The only group that appears to be popular and receiving the most support and media attention is the Gay and Lesbian population and rightfully so. Our current state of affairs is truly a wake-up call for all decent Americans. We are going to have to deal with our race issue, one heart at a time. When we hate our brother, that reflects hate within ourselves. That is one of the messages I believe God is trying to get to us.

We will all sink together or swim together. The days of separation truly are over, whether some of us want them to be or not.


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Burger, W. R. (2014). Human Services in Contemporary America. (n.d.). Retrieved from

-Dana L. Perry
The Budding Professor
Auspicious Living Magazine





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