How is the Gospel of John different from the Synoptics?

The Gospel of John is different because it does not parallel Matthew, Mark and Luke. It was written from an independent, strategic evaluation. John focuses on establishing the humanity of Jesus and the Deity of Jesus. 100% man, 100% God, which is why it is recorded that He is the only begotten Son of God. Begotten meaning sire, to Father.

How is Jesus’s humanity emphasized in John?

Jesus’s humanity is documented in John because it records human conditions. We see Him eating, drinking, crying and traveling with his parents.

Reconstruct for yourself the events that preceded and surrounded the birth and early years of Jesus.

  • Jesus always was and He along with the Father and Holy Spirit created man. Genesis 1:36
  • Named before He was born. Isaiah 7:14, Luke 1:31
  • Born of a woman- Genesis 3:15
  • The Son of God becomes the Son of Man-Luke 2:11
  • Circumcised according to Custom-Luke 2:21
  • Messiah would be a Nazarene- Matthew 2:23
  • Boy Jesus gifts revealed- Luke 2:41-52
  • Obedient to parents- Luke 2:51
  • Skilled as a Carpenter-Matthew 13:55
  • Earthly Ministry begins- John 1:29

Recount in detail the events of Jesus’s last thirty-six hours on earth.

How can we give a specific account of the last 36 hours, nothing is date and time stamped? The last supper for instance could have been a 90-minute meal or occurred over an entire evening. His last hours were grueling and very painful. This examination is heart wrenching because I have never examined this portion of scripture in isolation. On the Sunday before Passover, He presented Himself to the City of Jerusalem as the promised One, fulfilling scripture. He visited the Temple and rebuked the leaders for turning the House of Worship into a den of thieves. He continued teaching and preparing His disciplines for the events that were to come.

He met with them and had His last meal and indicated He would be betrayed. He went to the Father to pray and his disciples feel asleep. He was arrested, wrongfully charged and executed. During this time, not sure of exactly when it happened he took a number of stripes on His back. Each stripe secured the victory over strongholds that govern disease because Isaiah 53:5 declares paraphrasing that “by His stripes” we are healed. Power was obtained then over disease and sickness. Power was obtained over death and hell,1 Cor 15:55 and the veil between man and God was torn and the Levitical Priesthood was re-established as an eternal priesthood, through Jesus Christ. Salvation was complete.

What was Jesus’s favorite teaching device? Describe how Jesus used this form to communicate His message.

Jesus was a preacher and a teacher. He taught. He preached. He declared. He did not argue and He did not try to convince. He spoke what was. He spoke what is. The text book says that Jesus tried to do this and that and He assumed this and that. Jesus did not assume anything and neither did He try to do anything. He did. He said. He was. He knew. He taught mostly in parables.

Jesus communicated His message by declaring, speaking the message. When rebuke was a part of his teaching, he told the audience what He knew and often used parables to get the point across. He used what He knew about man to reach man and God the Father convicted man with the revelation of what Christ had spoken.

 Discuss Jesus’s teaching on the kingdom and how he related himself to it?

Jesus said the Kingdom of God is at hand. He identified that the Kingdom is God the Fathers and that He, himself was the fulfillment of it. Jesus is the only one that can introduce a raggedy and sinful man to a Holy and Righteous God. It was the equivalent of Him standing there and saying, “Believe me. Come. Let me introduce you to God. I am going to wipe the stain of sin from your spirit. Allow me to present you”.

What is the meaning of the word “hermeneutic”?

Hermeneutic is the theory and practice of interpretation.

Give five characteristics of a sound hermeneutic for interpreting scripture.

Five characteristics of sound hermeneutic for interpreting scripture is to know when the text was written, who was the audience for the text, why was the text established, determining which criticisms to apply and to understand that the purpose of New Testament scripture should be enrich our lives, deepen our relationship with God, expand our worship and be more like “Christ” which will allow others to see more of God in us and less of ourselves.


What is form criticism? What can be said for and against it?

In form criticism, the Gospels were studied independently in units called “pericopae”. This study went beyond the sources of literary sources and was very concerned with the oral methods of information dissemination before it reached the written stage. It was a zealous effort to “prove” the authenticity of the gospels.

My criticism against it is it rules out the sovereign hand of God and SPIRITS ability to regulate the writings through the person of the Holy Spirit. God is in control and He is able to produce an authentic work at the hand of man, considering it is He that guided the hand of these chosen men.

There is a difference between Holy Scripture and something recorded in Scripture. The unstudied and misled would conclude they are one in the same. Nothing is further from the truth. The deeds of man are recorded in scripture when those deeds were neither inspired, inspired, instructed or sanctioned by Spirit God, therefore we are in grave error when we say every word of the Old Testament and New Testament is God ordained. Every word of God is every word of God, however; those in search of truth seek to distinguish between the two.


-Dana L. Perry
The Budding Professor
Auspicious Living Magazine







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