white girl

When is the last time you took your naked self in? The last time you stood in the mirror and just looked at yourself for no other reason other than to appreciate yourself?

Women in particular are very hard on their bodies.  We are either too thin or too thick. Too fair or too dark.  Hair too straight or too kinky. Always too much or too less of something…so we have been brainwashed to think.

Last night, I took myself in. I got out of the shower and just stood there. Gazing, smiling, appreciating my mountains and curves. The richness of my skin. The way it feels and they way it glows.

I took in my thicker thighs (I always wanted Trina the rapper thighs and I GOT THEM) and my breasts that are mine after breastfeeding two greedy big head kids.

I took in my scent which reminds me of honey suckle and my naturally curly hair. I decided to go natural to encourage my daughter to stay natural. I stood there, loving me appreciating me and celebrating me.

I danced and twirled and discovered a new “booty pop” move. Did not know this booty could do all that. That’s a lie. I did . I just gave myself permission to do a NEW pop last night.

I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Strong yet sensual. Deep and determined. Soft and powerful. I know me.

Do you know you?

Take off the layers.


The makeup, the extensions, the wigs, the lashes.

Take it all off.


Disrobe often and be determined to like what you see.

Then love what you see.

Go ahead.

Love it.

Publisher/Senior Writer
Auspicious Living Magazine


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