Author Dana L. Perry began shopping for books when she learned that she was pregnant with her daughter, Hannah Alexandria and was very disappointed in the options that were available. She was looking for books that affirmed her daughters beauty, brilliance, and ability and could not find a line that was dedicated to edifying and encouraging her daughter during her most vulnerable years…the formative ones. Girls face unique challenges with self esteem, peer pressure and developing a healthy sense of worth due to being bombarded with messages that chip away at the very essence of their being. So Dana began writing affirming letters to her daughter and HANNAH THE GREAT books were born…..the GIRL POWER literary Movement!

Hannah the Great Books What is Faith?

What is Faith? is a beautiful story about the journey of faith. This book offers guidance as to how a "little one" should embrace the walk of faith.



Hannah the Great Book


Hannah the Great Book NO to BULLYING!


Hannah the Great Book What is Pretty?

What is Pretty? reflects the beauty that is inside the heart and face of every little girl.


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