thick thighs

I am not gaining weight but my body is doing something. As I look at how I continue to change physically, all I can do is smile. My body is fuller than it was this time last year. I guess I can attribute that to some better something.

Better living.

Yeah, that is it. 🙂

I am 5 feet 3 inches tall and at last weigh in over 155 pounds. Now, the people in the long white jackets with the clip boards say I am overweight. I touch myself and say, I am just right.

I remember when I wanted thick thighs and I now I have them. Pretty and toned. I have a little extra around my tummy and that is fine. I exercise a few days a week but I do not target any particular area. I like my love handles. I am almost 46 years old, with two kids. 5 jobs and in school full time.  I earned these love handles.

I work out to stay healthy and for increased stamina and mobility. I do not starve myself. I eat what I want. For lunch today, I had a smoothie. Apples, spinach, orange juice and banana’s. For dinner, I am having Burger King and a piece of apple pie.

It is all about moderation and balance and giving me what I want.

I have a four hour class tonight and that is what I want to eat as I listen to my professor rant about the social service arm in politics tonight and why this #45 ya’ll got is a shipwreck.

I digress.

Thousands of people dropped dead today. Thank God, I was not one of them. I am still here and while I am, I will continue living life on my terms and I am going to enjoy my whopper with cheese, fries and apple pie!

And my juicy!

Yes, baby. The juicy.


-Girl Talk
Dana Lena'


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