No To Bullying! Emphasizing the importance of kindness and acceptance.
A teachers recommendation!

The “Hannah the Great” book series are mini books that will inspire all children. These books contain messages that empower little girls everywhere. “What is Pretty?” is one of my favorite books in the series because it reassures girls that they are pretty and beauty is within. Every girl at some point in their life has felt like they were not pretty enough or thin enough. Maybe you did not like your hair or your skin tone, but we are all pretty in our own unique way. Dana Perry’s latest book, “No to Bullying” gives a clear definition of what bullying is and how to stand against it. The topic of bullying is a serious concern amongst children today. The word bullying is often misused and even overlooked. Therefore, I encourage all elementary school teachers to read this book to their students and continue to raise awareness against bullying.

Brandice Tate

Third Grade Teacher

Jonesboro, Georgia

Hannah the Great Book NO to BULLYING!


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