Am I being selfish ‘cause I only want you in my space when I wanna see you?
I need companionship but I’m moody too so imma tell you to go away but…

images (4)I really want you to ask me can you stay.  Sometimes I might push so you can pull ‘cause I
wanna feel needed by you not just needy for you.

Am I being selfish ‘cause I think of me first? I don’t know if I can trust you to think of me for more than just your thirst.  Yes, I want you to please me passionately but not just for tonight.

How about the rest of my life?

Can you put up with this complex me that you see before you or are you just gonna leave when times get tough?  I need to know before we go any further ‘cause you need to know that I’m gonna look out for ME FIRST!!