If you grew up on R and B you love some New Edition and if you are a red blooded woman, you love you some     B O B B Y     B R O W N.

Bobby, Bobby, Bobby.

I was out not to long ago and the D.J. ripped this song and every woman in the place tapped into her inner bad girl. Some just did a chair dance but for those of us that are free hit the dance floor with our partners (some solo) and gave him what we wanted to give Bobby 20 years ago.

Some Yummy Yum Yum black girl dance majic! (or white girl, red girl, whatever. you know what I mean).

Every woman loves a bad boy.  Even those of us who KNOW better. Whether it is an R and B crooner, a ball player, a musician, or a street thug who has plenty of money and no real job, something about them draws women. Good girls and bad girls.

Maybe it is the amount of power they harness in their world and the money or resources to get whatever it is they want and we want in the moment.  But underneath it all, is their ability to tap into their raw sexual energy that transcends the average woman’s norm and make us lose our mind.

If not for ever, for a few minutes.

But we grow up. And we realize that this kind of man is not really husband, father, grand father and mentor material.

We move away from the silver tongues, the liars, serial cheaters and womanizers and settle in on the idea of a different kind of man.

The kind of man that will produce different results and a different life experience.

We see the need for a man with moral integrity, honesty, compassion and honor.  A man with a good name. A man who seeks Truth, and knows how to get a prayer pass the ceiling.

A man whose image provokes a standing ovation and not shaking head moments.

A man that will honor your physical and sexual being and make YOU wait for it.


No way!

Yes, baby. Make you wait.

Here are two that you know (there are a ton of them out there). Strong, convicted, powerful and wealthy men that have values that were established long before their BOO’s (Ciara and Meagan) came on the scene.

Russel and Devon.




God fearing, bible toting, praying, fine, men. Men who showed these women for the first time ever in their lives that their worth and value was not between their legs and in their Ohhs and AHHS.

Men who loved them with their souls and spirit.

These women admit they were broken. These men helped to put the pieces back together.

Men who told two of the most beautiful chics on the planet that they were not going to get it! Women who had used their sexual prowess to bring giants to their knees…but not these two. They are and those like them, march to a entirely different beat.

Now, I am sure there is some thug in them somewhere. But guess what? We do not know anything about it and that is the way it should be.

Let us grow up ladies and make better choices in our men.

This is Bobby now.



He is a little heavier and subdued…but Bobby Brown is Bobby Brown. He still in there. Don’t be fooled. If given the chance, he would be back on the stage giving us the good and nasty.

Character or lack thereof is developed over a life time not a span of time. Who a man has been for 30, 40, 50 years is who is.

The question we have to ask ourselves is what kind of life is it that we want and make our decisions accordingly.

But this is so dang on goody good tempting.

bobby gif.gif

I know ladies.  I know.

Dana Lena'
Publisher and Senior Writer
Auspicious Living Magazine






  1. Omg. U nailed it. What is it about B.B. that we can’t enough of when we need to? Thanks for this one!


  2. Thank you for your comment. IDK what exactly is our fascination for bad boys…but I know this. We need to get over it quickly. They are fun for the moment not a lifetime!


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