We all have things in our past that will occasionally get our attention in the form of a memory. Unfortunately, unless we desire to go through hypnosis which would be an extreme effort to forget, we have to deal with occasional disruptions of the memory of a person, place or occurrence in our lives that was unfortunately or painful.

That is a apart of life.

However, it does not have to be an unpleasant one…even if the memory is an unpleasant one.

We can take dominion over our thoughts by dismissing them and replacing them. We do this simply by not giving the memory a place in our day and we consciously think on SOMETHING GOOD.

” I am not entertaining this thought.  Thought, be gone”.

And just like that, it can be gone.


think on these things

I am replacing that that thought with this idea.

“Today, I am thankful for my ____________”. Today, _____________ gets 100% of my attention.

This takes discipline, discipline and more discipline.

But soon and very soon, your memories won’t be around long enough for you to do anything but look back at and smile.

It took me all of 3 seconds to turn and smile for this pic, but it took all of my effort and attention to turn and continue in the direction I was going.

And I did so happily.

And smiling.


Dana Lena'
Publisher/Senior Writer
Auspicious Living Magazine

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