Chicago Fire - Season 5

Honor is defined as: to regard or treat (someone) with admiration and respect : to regard or treat with honor. b : to give special recognition to : to confer honor on. 2 a : to live up to or fulfill the terms of.

Honor is a lost virtue…especially in our men. They can lie. They can steal. They can cheat. They can disease. They can embarrass. They can be unstable. They can have women and kids on each corner of the globe and women look away…caring about nothing but their mom moment.

Sad way to live.

In order for their to be accountability, people must be held accountable.

Are we (women) so destitute and barren that we are unable to discern good from bad and bad from very bad?

Are we so misguided and afraid of being alone that we will be alone in a relationship for physical company?

Do we have so little self worth and appreciation that we will allow ourselves to be demeaned, devalued and diminished?

There is no amount of “make up” or “make up sex” that can restore or rebuild ruins. Ruins is just that, ruins.

My desire for all women is that we become women who honor self above all.  That we live our lives in a way that we revoke access to anyone who mistreats or mismanages us.

My desire is that any woman who is abused by words, deed, actions or intentions have the courage to recognize that the acceptance of mistreatment blocks  the flow of honor, reverence, respect and authentic love.

All men do not cheat. All men do not lie. All men do not steal. All men do not harm and do injury. All men do not abase and abuse.  All men do  not….

There are good men.

Honorable men.

Men who possess kingly elegance and refined grace.  Men who run into fires other men set and rescue. Men who are everything they say they are (for real), do what they say are going to do when they say they are going to do it (the first time) and they do not make promises, they live out promises!

Really, really good men. Men that do not illicit a SMH from the seat of soul.

There are good men.

We just have to be good women to attract them.

-Girl Talk
Dana Lena'
Auspicious Living Magazine






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