My daughter loves to play outside and I encourage her to do so. Yesterday, she played hard and smelled like it.

I had to run an errand and she hoped in the truck (because she is my shadow) as I was pulling out of the garage and as soon as she did, her little funk hit my nose and I said ” OMG, you smell…very badly”.

She looked at me from the top of her glasses with a corrective glare she would not dare utter and said

“Mommy, that was not nice”.

I laughed.

“You getting in my truck offending my nose was not nice. You stink. That is a fact that is neither positive or negative. It is what it is. You will chose to have either have a positive or negative reaction to the truth, little grasshopper”.

“But you hurt my feelings”.

“And your funk is hurting my nose”.

She laughed.

I explained to my beloved Hannah, that the truth will not always be pleasant but it is the truth nevertheless. I encouraged her to make sure she always has people in her circle that will tell her the truth and the danger of having “itching ears”.

Itching ears profit us nothing but truth profits us the ability to make changes and adjustments.

Now, when we got home she took a bubble bath and enjoyed it. Had she not been aware that she smelled she would have continued to walk around funky and that would not have served either of us well.

Walking around funky is not cute….hopefully, we have people who love us that will tell us when we do…literally and figuratively.


-Dana Lena'
Publisher and Senior Writer 
Auspicious Living Magazine