Mack’s 1994 song “Flava in Ya Ear” was the first single off of Sean Comb’s Bad Boy label and the subsequent remix featuring artists including The Notorious B.I.G. and LL Cool J became one of the defining songs of 1990s hip hop.
“If Berry Gordy had Smokey Robinson and ‘Shop Around’ to launch Motown we had Craig Mack with that single ‘Flava in Ya Ear,'” former Bad Boy president Kirk Burrowes told CNN. “It’s not only one of the greatest debut singles in hip hop history, it launched a label.”
Bad Boy went on to become a powerhouse in rap and R & B with such artists as rappers The Notorious B.I.G., Lil Kim and Mase, singer Faith Evans and groups 112 and Total.
Mack eventually left Bad Boy and in 1997 released an album titled “Operation: Get Down.”
A deeply spiritual man, Mack retired from the industry and appeared to renounce his old lifestyle.
In a video posted on You Tube in 2012 he is seen being asked during a church service what he used to do when he was in the world.
“Wickedness and rap,” Mack said.
In answer to the question “What are you doing now?” Mack responded, “Righteousness.”
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