Women are born with approximately two million eggs in our ovaries. We do not produce new eggs. What we are born with is what we have.

A 20-week-old female fetus has about seven million eggs. My goodness. In the womb, before I was born I was being prepared to conceive. My God, God is good!

I take conceiving and birthing very seriously. At 45 years young, my  natural baby making days are over but my birthing days are not. I am very tuned into my ability to take seed, allow it to be placed in my spiritual womb, nourish and cultivate it, birth it, grow it and release it.

That is the wonderful thing about being a woman that is not spiritually barren. A fertile woman multiplies what she has been given. She takes “nothing” and makes it something.  She takes an idea and turns it into a product. She takes words and turns into a magazine. She takes a truck driver and turns him into a trucking business. She takes a man who loves to cook and turns him into a five star restaurant.  She takes a pony and raises it into an award winning horse!

It is imperative that men labor with a woman who can birth his vision, his ideas, his dreams….hence his destiny. A man has seed that he cannot do anything with. In order for his seed to become life it has to be placed in the uterus of a fertile woman with eggs that are ready to conceive and with hands that know how to raise his babies. His ideas, whims, his dreams. She intuitively knows, she does not need a road map.

A wise man knows in order to be his very best self, he must not only conceive with such a woman but she has to be willing to nurture his dreams with the milk of her breasts and encourage him with praise from the fruit of her lips.

A wise woman knows she is his mid wife and whatever he is to be, she has to do the heavy lifting.  It is her job to push that thang out.

She has to birth his dreams and raise his destiny.

Senior Writer
Auspicious Living Magazine