When we are blending our lives and children are involved, it is so important that the blend goes smoothly.

The couple must sit down and discuss the blend in detail. Both parties have to agree on what is best and how to handle each and every situation. The couple that is merging their lives, must be in agreement with how all the pieces will come together.

The couple is the foundation on which the blended family will stand and they must be standing hand and hand on the same side.

Blended families will have to deal with ex partners. Ex’s must understand their new role and place and not entrench into spaces and places they do not belong. Having a partner that respects the boundaries of the ex’s relationship will serve each party well.

Boundaries must be maintained in order to aid in the spirit of civility.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Be polite.
  • Be respectful.
  • Compassion for everyone’s development.
  • Build trust.
  • Allow room for growth.

This can be a beautiful experience if handled properly. I know first hand that children want nothing more than for their parents to be happy and no child wants parents to stay together for their sake. If we have to divorce or end a relationship, our children are championing for us…as long as they know everyone will be okay.

As long as we handle our kids needs with sensitivity and our new partner is loving and modeling love, our kids are more than ecstatic as they witness the “light” in Mommy and Daddy’s eyes and the prep in a new step.

Mom’s new love or Dad’s new love is embraced warmly when kids feel the love.

This can be a beautiful experience….experience it beautifully.


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