In this approval seeking world, we must be careful to develop and exercise discernment as we determine who to allow in our personal spaces. Not everyone has a place, neither should they.

A woman desperate for my approval, validation and head nod once took great offense to the fact that I determined that I did not want her brand of woman in my personal space. She is a door mat breed that I simply do not have any respect for… and that is perfectly alright.

I am sure I am not her favorite person either.

In order for her to cope with a reality that should not have shook her not one bit, she developed a scenario in her mind as she determined to imitate everything that I do, that I was miserable because I have been critical of her door mat personality.

Last time I checked, life was not junior high school neither is it a popularity contest.

I have been writing from the womb and all of a sudden she is a writer.

I had multiple writing platforms, she has a half of something.

I post pictures, she post pictures. I change pictures, she changes pictures.

I guess she will be coming out with magazines, stage plays, children books and endorsing Stacey Abrams for Georgia governor next.

good grief

The man that left her because she wasn’t good enough and who drank the juice with a straw, as soon as we were “good and over”, she is happy to be the reach back after the throw back declaring herself the “winner”. Alright. If  you  say  so.

He is the one (being messy) that told me when we were almost engaged (SMDH), that she was a social media stalker. Checking my website daily, had fake social media accounts so she could stalk undercover because her known ones were blocked. Rambling through trash bags and pockets.



No woman who is left for another woman and picked back up after the fact is a winner. No woman who was told she was not good enough is a winner. No woman who has to hear about another woman’s glory is a winner.

So maybe that helps to shine some light on my “door mat view” of her.

Lawd, have mercy,

This ship has sailed into a new night.  I realized that we were both connected to the same man for very different reasons and my reasons had so many revelations tied to them I can’t share in this space.

But this I do know.

Always trust what you know to be true.


And if along your way, you make an enemy, so be it. All the greats have/had enemies…so you are in very good company.


-Girl Talk
Auspicious Living Magazine