You try but you can’t rob me of my creativity
You try to tell me what is beautiful in your fashion magazines.
I make my own designs and call them mineskirt
I don’t need your label on it to show the world that it is just so.

Perfectly created as I am… perfectly so.

My natural hair can be short or long,
in a fro or locs or straightened so it hangs down to my socks
Your hair magazines don’t define beauty to me

My style is perfectly created as I am…perfectly so.

Jobs like to tell you how to dress if you wanna work there.
Make sure you wear a suit but it shouldn’t be too colorful.
“We don’t want the client to see you coming before they see you”
A suit of armor is what I wear and sometimes the load is heavy to bear
But you will not stop my creativity
You can’t tell me how to look and what to wear and what is beautiful!

I am the creativity that you seek, so you just gone hafta stop and stare!!