My beautiful daughter is a dancer, cheerleader, drama student and gymnast. She has to work hard as a gymnast because she has to learn core skills before she can go to the next level.

As of last Saturday, she is one skill from advancing. She is actually two and three levels above some other skill sets, but there is ONE skill she has not mastered, therefore she cannot advance.


Hannah proudly shows her coaches with precision, power and grace the skills she has mastered and they all applaud. I can hear from anywhere in the building a coach yelling “Great JOB Hannah Banana. GO girl. You got it!”

She is fast! And she runs down the gym like she is sprinting in a 200 race (she got those legs and speed from her Mama, I use to run track) but this is not about me.


She is good. But she is good at everything.

Her coaches told her last week that she was unable to advance and is “stuck” in now what she calls the class not suited for her; because she has to master this skill and she will not advance, cannot until she does.

So she turned our basement into an assortment of couch pillows, mats and whatever else and she has been practicing. She is determined to advance because she is sick and tired of repeating that same class.

Let us learn from Hannah Alexandria. What we fail to learn we will repeat until we learn what we need to learn.

And when we do, life will reward us with advancement and the joy of achievement!

I will let you know when she advances!

-Dana Lena'
Publisher/Senior Writer
Auspicious Living Magazine