I love each and every one of you because you are so you!
Uniquely you and beautiful too.
With your glasses and braces, light and dark faces, nappy, straight and curly hair.
thinking-outside-the-boxTall, short and skinny or fat, I love you and all of that.
You have a purpose in the world and a lifetime of discoveries
You were made uniquely different & perfectly imperfect on purpose!!

No need to fit into someone else’s box.

Take off those psychological locks from your mind and open your eyes up WIDE like you do when you’re surprised!
Guess what, you are beautiful and imma keep telling you until you absorb that instead of all the ugly things you hear.
You can adsorb like a sponge, good positive things.
You are made with a purpose and on purpose.

Take your time and find out what your life is worth on purpose!!