It is so easy to caught up in what other people may or may not have going on.  Social Media would have you to believe everyone is living this glamorous, champagne bottle popping, caviar eating life.




I do not know if you remember the photo that the rapper Lil Bow Wow posted on Instagram claiming he was getting ready to board a private plan when he was actually on a commercial plane with the rest of “us”.


It was a shameful moment when the passenger across from him took a pic of him and posted it. We found it to be funny but it really speaks to a larger issue.

Bow Wow needed to appreciate the fact that he was on a plane at all.  Flying to wherever he was going with the ability to do so. Bow Wow needed to understand that most of the world lives in poverty and too many do not even have clean drinking water. Bow Wow needed to be grateful.

But if we are not careful, we can be Bow Wow.

Falling into the “want more, give me more” trap.

It is healthy to want to prosper and have a concrete plan to do so.

It is healthy to have goals and go after them.

It is also healthy to have balance.



Gratitude is the key to opening the door for more.

I closed on my first home in 2016. I purchased another last year. I have plans for the one that I am that involves helping others but I am grateful for this one RIGHT NOW.

Over a million people in this country live on the streets.

I travel and I travel often. Sometimes, I drive. I ride the bus. I fly on airplanes. I cruise. I am just as grateful to take a 2 hour trip on Mega Bus as I am to board Delta. I am just as grateful to eat a #3 as I am when I dine 7 courses.

Every day, I tell God thank you for everything that I have and my children join me.

My plan and my journey is unique to me.

Your plan and your journey is unique to you.

I am grateful for this as I prepare for that. I am celebrating the life I have, the moment that I am, this second right now.

Because RIGHT NOW is all we have.

Tomorrow is not promised so let us be grateful, appreciate and celebrate our today.

Publisher/Senior Writer
Auspicious Living Magazine