Dear Friendship,

I am compelled to write to you today. I just want to remind you that you are beautiful. You are honest, kind, supportive and consistent.

You are here to cheer and cry. Laugh and mourn. Teach and be taught. You provide a comfort that only you can.

You have become uncomfortable in your role. Your place. You are not husband. You are not wife. You are not lover.

You are friend.

I realize that wanting to be lover is tempting. It’s ok for friendship to love.

Actually, the best ones do.

But there are lines you cannot cross. Places you cannot be. Secrets you cannot know. Parts of me you cannot see.

There is a sacred space for lovers. Don’t envy that. Don’t compromise that. Don’t confuse that. Please, do not be jealous of that.

You have a place.

A beautiful place, in your sun.

Your lover will come. Will be. I know you want me but you cannot have me.

I am not your lover, neither will I ever be…but I am your friend.

Please embrace me. Embrace this because it is all we will ever be.

Publisher/Senior Writer