We make decisions daily.  We make decisions in the workplace for our  companies, clients and customers. We make decisions regarding our being, our children and some of us our extended families.

We make thousands of decisions over the course of a year. Some of them are good ones. Some of them were not so good, but hopefully we allow all of  our experiences and the decisions we make about them to teach us what we need to know.

The most important thing I have learned about decisions and the process of negotiation or evaluation that leads to decision making is “Are These Terms I Can Live With and Want to Live With?”.

If remaining in a relationship, partnership, marriage or friendship require that I lose my dignity, essence, resolve, rights, voice or ownership of my being comes rhat price that is too high. If working for a company require that I act unethically, or unfairly, that is a price I cannot pay.

All decisions I make must leave me feeling GOOD about myself and if they do not I can walk away in dignity from “it” or “them”.

Be good to you…and make your decisions accordingly.