I have to make this quick. I am supposed to be in here peeing without this gadget. I am supposed to be on a writing break but all my writers know, we do not break.

We write in our sleep. Serious writers have pen and pad bedside because when we wake, we normally have to write something down. I have notebooks all over the place. Writing frees me.

I just want to say quickly, that this get stay-cay is putting me back in focus. Placing me back into the center of my life.

I have been pampered, and pampered and pampered some more. I have not cleaned anything or cooked anything. I have not yelled at any kids or kissed any foreheads. I have not done a damn thing.

For the last 18 hours, I have not been Mommy. Publisher. Entrepreneur. I have just been woman with a bell that I was given to ring.

A bell ya’ll.

When I need something or want something or wish for something.

My skin has been scrubbed and is glowing.

My toes have been polished and are shining.

My heart has been touched and I am beaming.

I am thankful for the time away as I relish in the moment. Grateful for the opportunity to breathe and be. We have to stop being so busy that we do not have time for ourselves.

I hear footsteps…gotta go!