I am so happy to see breastfeeding supported and encouraged. I nursed both of my babies and they are healthy and strong. Neither was ever sick, colicky, whinny or anything else.

In 16 years of mothering, I have had ONE “I don’t feel good” visit to the pediatrician and I attribute this success to LIQUID GOLD…better known as breast milk. Both kids have perfect attendance for every academic year….well because they are never sick.

Some women think if they breastfeed, their breasts will sag. Ummm, not. Someone pulling on your breasts make them sag…and it is NOT your babies!

The middle picture I took a few weeks ago. 45 years young, no bra and still perky! The other two are of me breastfeeding! 6 years apart. Dang, does breastfeeding have an anti aging effect? Green dress 30. White dress 36. I look the same!

I digress.




Enjoy this awesome video from Momsplained. Love it. I have a new girl crush!

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