My husband thinks he has gotten away with having his cake and eating it too. He has embarrassed me with his affairs, his indiscretions and his instabilities.

I have played nice and played it safe. He thinks he is the only one that has cheated. Men can be so smart, they are stupid.

Does he really think in all these years I have not drank from another well? He says he trusts his gut where I am concerned.

I have fooled him well. His gut did not tell him I had not paid the car note in 4 months. His gut did not tell him that I have been paying my oldest sons bills with his money for years. His gut did not tell him that I really wasn’t in training when I said I was. His gut has yet to tell him that I have secrets too… just as many.

His gut has been on my side for years. Karma.

See, my plan is to make him suffer for all the hurt he has caused me. I do this in many ways. The first being, playing nice mainly because he takes descent care of me and he cooks, cleans, bakes and shakes. He is my brand of man. He has no idea of how I have been sprayed. My girlfriend and I laugh all the time at his stupidity. It serves me that he is not the I spy type.

He doesn’t realize he is sleeping with his souls enemy…at least not yet. If he is ever brave enough to get that DNA test…both of us just may be surprised. Shit, I hope she is his cause then I was playing real dirty and so far, his karma has been my friend.

-Queen Ann

Salacious Fiction