We have suffered another incident of gun violence in our country and 17 more precious lives were lost. People are disenchanted, hurt, angry and searching for answers. Some argue for more reasonable gun laws, responsible ownership, more oversight, age increases for weaponry purchases and arming teachers to be snipers.

Some arguments have merit. Others are foolishness but the voice we are beginning to hear cry from misguided, arrogant, foolish and faithless hearts is “PRAYER DOES NOT WORK”.

Oh, how misguided the lost are.

Faith works.

Prayer works.

It does not work for the disconnected and those masking to know God. Pretending to know the Creator. Those prayers do not make it past the ceiling but for the man or woman connected to life source, for the man or woman connected to the Creator of creation, the Master of the Universe, the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, prayer my friends work.

Need evidence.


Here you go.

Ask the slaves traveling from the South to the North in the middle of the night without a map or a compass if prayer works.

Ask him whose oppressors said he would never taste freedom and would forever be his property and do as the oppressor willed, if prayer works.

Ask Dr. King while on the march to Selma who met violence and hatred as it held hands with evil, if prayer works.

Ask my grandmother who saw Jim Crow’s back break as NIGGER signs came down in Mississippi if prayer works.

Prayer is an earnest mans request for God to move and breath upon the hearts of evil men.

Prayer is a petition for God to become involved in matters that man has asked Him not to touch! Man has told God, ” We got this. We do not need you!”

Well, we see how well that is working.

Prayer is an arrogant mans admission and acknowledgment that an issue is bigger than him, he cannot fix it, he needs a MIRACLE!

We need you God, we need you.

To the simple man, this misguided man, to the barren man, the faithless and confused man, these declaration seem weak.


But oh, how foolish is the creature that believes it does not need guidance from the Creator.

We need to pray! Not just pray because faith without works is dead. We need to pray and do and be and become!

We need to pray for God to breath on the hearts of men who are hell bent on destruction. We need to pray for God to move on the hearts of people to have the courage to vote against their tribal interest and vote for the interest of humanity. We need to petition the God of man to rule the heart of man and that our footsteps are guided.

Oh, we need to pray.

Only God can sincerely change the heart of a man.

Only God.

And when we seek the Real God who has Real Answers and Real Power we will see the changes that some swore we would never see.

Ask those slaves.

Ask my grand mother.

Hell, ask me.


Publisher/Senior Writer
Auspicious Living Magazine