I am the youngest of 6 girls.  Our home was full of women! The smell of perfume, hair spray, loud music, great food and wonderful girlfriend chatter. I have very happy child hood memories. Those filled with the tales of my sisters and all of their drama and all of the lessons!

My mother, aunts, sisters and all of their girlfriends would sit at the kitchen table, the dining room table, the living room, the back yard and the front porch drinking coffee and talking about their “blues”. My sisters are much older than I am, I was an aunt when I was 2 years old so let me tell you, my little ears got an earful and my little eyes, oh my!


Their chronicles often entailed tantalizing stories regarding the men of the hour, their other women, their other children, their other careers, their other lives! Men ruled most conversations although they were never participating in any.

One of my sisters read Cosmopolitan magazine and it was sinfully delicious. I am an avid reader and then, I read everything I could get my little hands on and Cosmo was a delight. The stories were nothing like the ones I learned in Sunday school or Vacation Bible School! There was nothing about Jesus on these pages and I mean nothing. Just look at these covers. My goodness! At first, my sister had to hide them because my Southern Baptist mother, daughter of a preacher and Sunday school teacher was not having it!

cosmo 3

There was a section where fictitious short stories were displayed. They were amazing stories about fabulous women and their not so fabulous experiences with men, sex, themselves and everything else. I was fascinated  by the elegance of the stories despite seeing most of the drama they revealed  was lived out in the lives of my crazy sisters.

The only thing I had ever heard as a child about masturbation for example was that it was a treacherous sin. I would be amiss if I did not mention that it is not a sin that is documented in the bible in plain English but nevertheless, our preacher hit on it several times throughout his sermons. Enough for me to know at 8  or 9 years old, touching my girl parts was a NO NO as far as he was concerned.

In this magazine however, I read about all these salacious stories about women and their discoveries. They were discovering who they were, strengths and weaknesses. Awakening desires and burying fears. These women were going to work in offices, carrying briefcases, getting promotions, turning down marriage proposals, choosing to use birth control and not being baby making factories. These women were having sex, touching themselves and doing all kind of stuff that was going to send them straight to hell….according to Rev. Wallace of Tri Star Baptist Church.

I was fascinated.


cosmo 1


Maybe this is were my girl power was born. I am not sure but I miss those stories. I miss getting lost in the world of fiction. My life is full of reality. Work. Raising children and pursuing my Master Degree in Theology.  Volunteering and mentoring. And loving. Lots of loving!

And building this online magazine that in little over 30 days, has garnered over 10,000 followers!

I do not have time to get lost in a good fiction novel. So I got to thinking, why not feature the same kind of short stories in ALM that were featured in Cosmo and maybe still are. Haven’t read it in years. The purpose of having this magazine Dana, is to feature articles and stories that are important to you and the like minded people that are connected to you. The whole purpose of Auspicious Living Magazine is to create, develop and share content that is going to make our lives better and more exciting. And what is more exciting that some good FICTION?

Well, that we can write about here?

Awaken the imagination and the senses!

So here it comes, baby!


Short stories set in the world of fiction that are the creation of some amazing writers. Women who you are going to fall in love with, cheer for, cry with and want to slap. Women who we are, have  been, and trying not to ever become.

All articles will be written under a pen name…to protect the privacy of the authors. It may get kinda hot, heavy and sticky and I do not want anybody trying to book a one way ticket to hell for my writers.

No judgement allowed.


The Chronicles
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