I received this FB message today and it really made my day!

Hi Dana! You sent me a friend request but your friends list is full and I cannot accept but I am following! I was reading your magazine I want to thank you for the article “Six Minutes Can Change Your Momentum” I was just praying today and seeking a way to expand and get to the next level in life and this article was an answered prayer and put everything in perspective for me. I look forward to reading more! 🙂

When you are doing your life’s work,  you want to know that you are not working in vain. You want to know that you and what you do is reaching someone and having a positive impact.  My new writer, C. Mack actually penned this article and it is indeed a great read. I have notes from it all over my bathroom mirror. I did not write it but having this amazing platform allowed me to share it.

In this digital communication industry, it is easy to hit like or send a thumbs up…half of the time, people have not even read completely what they are liking. It is just a robotic thing to do now but when someone takes the time to really allow someone in their intimate space (their mind) that is special and it is meaningful and I do not take it for granted.

So I want to send a special thank you to my new face book friend, LM. Your note to me this morning was appreciated and I opened up friend space just for YOU. Be encouraged in your journey beautiful!

We are cheering for you!


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